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Useful Definitions 
Some definitions have been reworded into everyday language by BTA P/L.
Many of these definitions are extracts from the official definition used in the Infringements Act 2006. 
Appeal -
the correct term for an appeal is 'internal review'
Court -
infringements can be prosecuted in the Infringements Court and the Magistrates' Court.
Due Date -
this is the date found on your notice that a response is required by
Enforcement Agency -
enforcement agency, in relation to an infringement offence, means
(a)  a person or body authorised by or under an Act to take proceedings for the infringement offence in respect of which the infringement notice or official warning was issued or served
NOTE:  BTA Infringements is authorised by the enforcement agency that issued your infringement to act on their behalf and issue notices on their behalf.
Infringements Court -
The Infringements Court is part of the Magistrates' Court that deals primarily with Infringements.
Infringement Notice -
an Infringement Notice relates to an offence where you have incurred a penalty e.g. a parking fine.
Infringement Penalty -
means the amount stated in an infringement notice as payable in respect of the infringement offence to which the notice relates.
Internal Review -
A request to the agency that issued your infringement to consider the decision because it is either inaccurate, wrong or there are extenuating or special circumstances.
Nomination Rejection -
A Nomination Rejection Statement is a declaration that can be made by a person who has been named in an Owner Onus statement but who rejects that they were the driver or owner of the vehicle / trailer for which the infringement has been written.
See also Owner Onus Statements.
Notice -
a letter sent to you about your infringement.
Offender -
a reference to a person who has an infringement notice for a particular offence
Owner Onus Statements -
a range of statements that can be completed when you were not the driver or owner of the vehicle / trailer for which the infringement has been written.
See also Nomination Rejection Statement.
Payment Plan -
an arrangement that can be made to allow a negotiated staged payment arrangement.
Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) -
a Penalty Infringement Notice relates to the first notice that you receive for an offence where you have incurred a penalty e.g. a parking fine.
Penalty Reminder Notice (PRN) -
A Penalty Reminder Notice relates to an infringement not paid following the issue of the Infringement Notice. A PRN is a notice served under section 29 of the Infringements Act 2006
Prescribed Costs -
(a)  the amount of costs (if any) lodged with any outstanding amount of an infringement penalty; and
(b)  the prescribed costs of an enforcement order; and
(c)  any other costs required to be charged in relation to an enforcement order under this Act or any other Act; and
(d)  any other costs or fees prescribed in the regulations to be a prescribed cost.